About SecureSL

About SecureSL

SecureSL is an SSL Certificate Checker PHP script built with Laravel. With this script, anyone can easily built a website that can check SSL certificate by giving the domain. There is no API required for the operation and there is no search limit. The script is super-ready for ad monetization and domain-hosting affiliate system. You can easily place ads on different pages.

  • SEO Ready
  • Ad Ready
  • Affiliate Ready
  • Generic Pages
  • Contact Form

How to know if a website is secure

Website protocol

The URL of the website must start with https:// instead of http://


The domain should not look like an existing popular website.

Valid certificate

The website must have a valid SSL certificate.

SecureSL features


You can customize almost everything through the powerful admin dashboard.

Ad and Affiliate Ready

There are dedicated options for ad placements and affiliation system.

SEO Ready

You can set all baisc meta information in all of the pages. Sitemap.xml and custom robots.txt are also available.

Generic Pages

You can unlimited generic pages (such as About Us, Privacy Policy, etc.) with SEO information.

Contact Form

The script has built in contact form and you can view contact messages directly from admin dashboard.

Custom Code

You can set your custom codes (such Google Analytics tracking code, CSS codes, JS codes, etc.)

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