About Dekho

About Dekho

Dekho is a PHP script built with Laravel. With this script, anyone can easily built a website that can check WHOIS and DNS information. The script is super-ready for ad monetization and domain-hosting affiliate system. You can easily place ads on different pages.

  • SEO Ready
  • Ad Ready
  • Affiliate Ready
  • Generic Pages
  • Contact Form

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Lookup WHOIS records of a domain

Worried about your domain expiry date? Just go to our WHOIS Lookup page, enter your domain and hit check! Domain validity information is now available to you!

Lookup DNS records of a domain

To get the DNS records of a domain, just go to our DNS Lookup page, enter your domain and hit Check button. DNS records associated with the domain will be shown!

More tools coming!

We will add more tools in the coming versions!

We are not like others!

Highly Customizable

Dekho is more flexible and customizable than anyone can think. From the navigation bar color to the input placeholder, everything can be set in the admin dashboard.

SEO Ready

All the pages are prepared in a way that search engines will want be friends! Jokes aside, all important meta information can be set for each of the pages of the website.

Ads and Affiliate Ready

Not only some random textarea for ad fields, Dekho has an unique functionality to add affiliate or referral link for domains. Search a domain that is available to buy and see!

You control everything

Don't want people to check adult domains? Block those domains. People won't find any information about those domains.

Built with the best technologies

Dekho is powered by Laravel 6, Bootstrap 4 and jQuery 3. Most probably you are already familiar with them! 😉

And many more...

Such as built-in contact form with mail box, unlimited generic pages, media files, social profile links, custom codes, maintenance mode, custom 404-error page etc. all are available just right in your hand! Let's grab it!

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